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Getting Better at Drawing

feti sumaryanti, feti xuyan, fetixuyan16, gambar, karikatur, art, artist, seniman, pelukis pensil, drawing, caricature, Indonesia

This is my drawing in April 2015. The title is “Mrs.Rosmawaty”, my friend asked me to draw this picture. I realize that there are so many things I still don’t know about drawing, and I have to learn more and more about it. But, when my friends or relatives ask me to draw their portraits or caricatures, I feel so happy. I’m also glad when I show or give my drawings to them, then they smile at me, they are satisfied with my drawings. I think, that’s the time when I’m getting better in drawing, friends or relatives start to ask to be drawn by me. And.. that’s also the time when I want to learn more and more about drawing, so people will be happy when they see or get my drawings… 😀

See u .. 🙂



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