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Idea, feti xuyan, feti sumaryanti, drawing, pencil drawiing, gambar pensil, gambar wanita berkerudung

Every time in a day, I sometimes get an idea to do or to make something, for example the idea to draw some pictures, or the idea what picture I will draw and how it will look like. I sometimes realize that idea, drawing what exactly comes out from my mind. Sometimes what I thought is same as what I draw. But sometimes what I thought is totally different with my drawing, and the result is not good enough :P. Many ideas I try to realize, but many ideas still inside my mind, or I just write it on a note or a paper. I think, that is what happen to the other people too. They just keep their ideas in their mind or they wait the right time to realize their idea. However, the idea sometimes is something mysterious, a little bit crazy, fantastic, great, or also very difficult to realize. Sometimes it comes or disappears suddenly, while we forget to write it down.
So, before our great ideas disappear, let’s write them on a note. 😉



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