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A Special Gift from My Little Student

Special gift from student to teacherAt the first time, I thought that teaching is just my part time job. I teach students just for spending my time. I chose a course not a formal school because I thought that it will make me more comfortable to teach in a small class of students.  I love my students, but I didn’t think that I will love teaching very much since that day. A day when I was in a classroom to teach the first grade students of elementary school. At that time one of the students gave me this small gift and said “Mis, this is a gift for you, in hope you will always remember my name forever as your student who likes to learn with you”. What lovely words came out from a six years old child, I smiled to him and said “thanks”. Since that day, I love to be a teacher more and more, I love teaching very much, and hopefully I can be a great teacher for all of my students





I like drawing very much.

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