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My Little Journey

Feti Sumaryanti, Fetixuyan16, My Little Journey.

I remember the day when I was child. My father always showed me his sketch. He showed me step by step his drawing. His drawing was very simple, but it looked like so beautiful drawing in my eyes. I’m sure it was because of his love. He is not an illustrator, a painter, or an artist. He is just a father who wanted to accompany his daughter to play. My mother also always watched and accompanied us, it’s a beautiful memory. Since that time I really like drawing. I always saw and followed my father’s drawing step. I asked him what I had to draw when I got a task from my art teacher to make a drawing. I followed his suggestion and his instruction for me, although again, he was not a painter at all. He is just my father, my best father.

When I sat on 5th grade elementary school, I got the best score in drawing task among my friends in my classroom. I showed my drawing to my father and my mother, they smiled at me. In junior and vocational school, I also keep drawing and practicing. I have had dream to be a painter, an illustrator, also an architect. I really wanted to school in art department, but for many reasons I couldn’t go to art department.

However, I keep practicing by my self. I saw different images and pictures, then I tried to draw them. I tried my best, but my drawings at that time was so bad. I was stressful, then I tried to go to a painting course, but I really had no brave to practice there. I realized that I have no good knowledge about drawing. I just drew without improve my knowledge about drawing such as the drawing tools, the technique to draw, what kinds of drawing I would draw, and more.

Then, I started learn again from the beginning, from the start, from the very basic knowledge I should know. I bought some related books. I tried to find out what kinds of drawing I wanted to focus on, to learn. I really realized that to love something is never good enough if we didn’t know anything about what we love.ย This is my little journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks to my father who showed me his beautiful drawing, because of that I have a dream. Thanks for my mother who always care and love me always. Thank you very much. ๐Ÿ™‚



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