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feti sumaryanti, feti xuyan, lukisan pensil, colored pencil drawing, lukisan wajah

Starting my November by drawing this picture, a picture of my self. I used colored pencil to draw this picture. I gave the title “Smile” because smile is a simple word but sometimes it has many meanings.

1. Smile means happiness

It is realy common that when we got a happiness, we smile. When our dream comes true, we get something that we want, we get awards, or something that will make us happy, we will smile.

2. Smile hides your sadness

Have you ever did this? When you got  hurt, but you want hide it from a person that you love so they won’t worry you, you smile then said to them that “I’m OK” :).

3. Smile to decrease your worry.

Most of people will feel down when they get a problem they can’t solve yet. In opposite, several people will smile and think “everything is going to be OK” to make a positive mind and decrease their worry.

So, have you given your smile today for people whon you love? I belive it will make them happy and smile to you too.. 😉

Whatever the meaning of your smile is, let’s keep smiling.. 😉

Any additions? 🙂 Feel free to give your opinions here… 😀



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