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Is Easy or Not to learn English?

Learning another language besides our native language is not easy but is not difficult too. We can say it is not easy if we just sit down all of the time without improve our skill to learn that language. On the other hand, we can say it is not difficult if we always try to find something is new and keep it in our mind about that language. So, what are the ways to make our learning the other language that is English becomes easy and fun.

Start from influence our subconscious mind to feel that English is very easy, fun, and we like it so much. Try to love English and learn many things about English, for example English songs, English common expressions, or the easy things about English. Start from the easier and the interesting one in your opinion.

Then, think that how important English for our life nowadays if we can master it very well. We can imagine that how many people who can make the conversation with us if we can speak in English well. How many articles, documents, or books in English that we can read without use a dictionary or  translator. It will be very useful if we can use English well.

In conclusion, learning English is not difficult if we think that English is easy and fun, then we realize that English is really important nowadays for our life.



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