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The Word “Why”

Have you found yourself in restless condition? When your life doesn’t run well as what you expect, when the thing goes wrong, when the problem comes to you like a knife that is ready to hurt you. Those are bad, and of course all of us don’t want it happen. If we can ask everything, of course we want to live happy forever, but it’s really impossible. In life, all of the things change. There’s no one will feel happy forever, also there’s no one will feel sad forever.

Then, when all of the bad things above happen to you, one word that may appear in your head is the word ‘why’. This simple word is sometimes very dangerous. It can make your feeling becomes worse. When this word comes, you will ask everything, anything to yourself, or to someone although there’s no one has the answer, or probably there’s no one care to listen and to help your problem. You will become worse and worse because you don’t find the answer or at least some words that will make you better. Then you will say “why it happen to me, why I get this problem, am I wrong? Why?”

Thus, what do you have to do? Give up? Or kill yourself? No, that’s not a good idea. You have to get up from that condition, don’t let yourself hurt. It’s ok if right now you feel sad, gloomy, restless, or worse. You have to remember that everything changes. You will be happy, your life will be better. You just have to be strong to face your life. You just have to wait the right time to get the happiness in your life. 🙂



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