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The True Distance

I sit on my bed

Thinking and asking,

a same question everyday

But there’s always no answer

I ask to my heart about my feeling,

but the emptiness I always get

Several days ago,

The distance meant nothing

Several days ago,

Time went faster

Several days ago,

There’s such no difference

But now, they change

I really feel so far

The same distance but different condition

The true distance between us

It’s not about how far the place you are

But it’s about how far you leave this heart alone

A little difference we have

Becoming a big problem for us

What can I say, speechless

Wonder what’s wrong with this life

With my life

But still, there’s no answer

Nobody’s here

Nobody cares

I’m alone…


2 thoughts on “The True Distance

  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Actually, I just post what I want to write and the commenters just come and make a comment.. 🙂


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