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Is it an Inspiration?

couple image, FEQI image, Feti Sumaryanti's Drawing, inspiration image.

I sit on my favorite bed, holding a pencil and my sketch book. I see some pictures in my lovely computer, then start to look for a photo to draw. After searching for a few minutes, my attention focuses on a photo. A photo of someone that I really miss. Actually, I always get difficulty when I have to draw someone’s face, probably because I still learn to draw a face of people, but it totally different since I meet him. Whatever I want to draw, I can draw it. Whoever I try to draw, I can draw their face. Probably it just an influence of my unconscious mind. Is it exaggerate? I do not know, but it is really meaningful for me. Thanks God, I met him. Thus, is it an inspiration? 😉

Keep smiling and see u … 🙂



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