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Is it an Abstract Painting?

Abstract painting, painting, lukisan abstrak

I always admire a painter who can make an absract painting because for me an abstract painting is one of the great arts. As an amateur who has a little bit knowledge of art, I always get the difficulties to find the meaning of an abstract painting. I also cannot draw an abstract painting. I just can admire how great they are who can make an abstract painting, showing the beauty of their painting through its lines, colors, also forms.

Thus, is that picture an abstract painting? Unfortunately it is not. Several days ago after preparing the tools for drawing, suddenly I have no idea to start drawing, it’s really make me confused what Iย  have to do with all of my inks. So, I decided to draw all of my inks on my drawing paper without knowing what I want to draw. So, is it an abstract painting? Absolutely it’s not.. :’)



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