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Starting from a simple thing

Simple Flower Picture Imagine if we can get something’s great that we want just in a few minutes, or we can do or make everything just in a second. Probably there will no force, there will no adventure and there will no experience in our life because all of the things that we want are very easy to get. Imagine if someone who want to be a musician is shouldn’t go to the music school for studying, or someone who wants to be a great painter but he never practices how to draw. Unfortunately, all of them just an imagination because our life is not a tale. To get what we want, to be what we dream, we need a force.

I remember when I said to someone that “how come you can draw a beautiful picture, could you teach me as fast as you can?” She just smiles then say to me that “Just start drawing something as simple as you can.” I thought that she didn’t want to teach me how to draw as good as hers. I also thought that she didn’t want to tell the secret to draw a beautiful picture like hers, but all of what I thought are totally wrong.

To be able in doing something, to be someone that we want, or to get what we dream is not easy as we think. But we can start it from a simple thing. Starting from a simple thing then do the best. There is no impossible thing in this life, it’s just a matter of our force, how hard we try or how strong our dream. So, whatever is your dream, start to improve your skill from a simple thing..






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