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Is it an Art?

the painting of rose flower and vaseIs it an art? That question is always through in my mind when I draw or paint some picture. In my mind art is a beautiful work of someone which has a meaning in its color, line, or shape. So, how if someone draws without knowing nothing about the meaning of the picture? Will the people think that the picture is a good looking enough but it doesn’t have a meaning? So, how about the abstract painting of the famous artist or painter? Does it always have the meaning inside tough sometimes it’s just a paint with random lines or color?

What about an amateur who try to draw an abstract picture with an odd shape, and its colors don’t harmonize, but he said that what he draws has the meaning. In this case, I’m sure that people will think he is crazy enough because he draws an odd and strange picture. If the problem is between a famous and not famous artist or painter, so how come a famous artist or painter became famous of their works?

We have to remember that they become a famous artist or painter is not because of their painting is just good looking, but they make it with a skill, taste, creativity, idea, also knowledge. For example, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Spanish painter, who gave many contributions to the art history, his most important include pioneering the modern art movement called cubism, inventing collage as an artistic technique, and developing assemblage (constructions of various materials) in sculpture (Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009).

So, still in the same question, is it an art? What I draw, although sometimes I just draw what I want to draw or my feeling, without having a good enough knowledge of visual art or a good experience in drawing or painting.



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